Social Ventures @ NuVentures

What are we looking for:

We invest in entrepreneurs to start their new ventures. There must be a clear vision and an innate passion for Social Entrepreneurship. This must extend beyond the invention and introduction of new technology or products; it must create an impact on the welfare of the society.

 We are focusing on mainly three domains: Environment, Sanitation and Empowerment of underserved sections in our society.


Environment: We believe it’s an urgent need to contribute towards preserving and promoting the need of sustainable management of our environment. Bangalore is one of the most fast growing cities in India with a developing economy. The growth of the city has given so many economic advantages to the country and people, but the city is facing lot of environmental problems. Industrialization and urbanization has led to exploitation of natural resources. Our aim is to fund/invest in projects which are likely to create social, technological and governance of solutions to environment issues.


Sanitation: Another very important area which requires implementation of effective strategies to improve and promote hygiene and sanitation. Due to increasing population, there is a pressing need for efficient waste management techniques, public toilets, providing clean, safe, smart and sustainable sanitation services.


We focus on funding and empowering entrepreneurs who are working towards empowering the underprivileged, senior citizens, disability, women and children.


Create a sustainable social impact model which will benefit the underserved communities and the overall society


Address various social issues by supporting NGOs and social entrepreneurs  to transform their ideas into practical social outcomes

Core values 

Service | Integrity | Social Justice | Sustainable Social Change | Respect for All